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Feiliks Was Recognized by the World-renowned Automobile Brand for Its Comprehensive Ability of Building VMI Base for Automobile and Parts

A famous global automobile brand planned to launch dozens of new products in the next few years, indicating numerous product lines and complex supply chain network. Facing the challenges, Feiliks provided integrated flexible supply chain services for the main production base of the enterprise.

According to its needs and after formulating professional supply chain solutions, Feiliks established a VMI base with automobile main engine factory and automobile parts manufacturer as its main customer group. Its main business includes spare parts warehousing, JIT distribution, Milk-Run pick-up, goods setting and transportation in the main line, spare parts assembly and processing, and other supply chain value-added services, etc. In addition, the provided warehousing service was visible and intelligent throughout the process.

With the application of logistics technology and rich experience in automotive supply chain management, Feiliks realized deep exchange between supplier goods and production line of automotive main engine plant, and customized standardized intelligent logistics services of automation, informationization, intelligence, electrification and integration of upstream and downstream for customers.