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                CORPORATE SOCIAL

                Green Logistics

                Recyclable packing boxes replace paper packages, which reduces packaging garbage, and protects the environment.
                New energy vehicles are put into use to promote green transportation and distribution.
                Intelligent warehousing helps green logistics projects land while forklift AGV, automated multi-layered warehouses and other technology applications save energy and improve land use efficiency.

                Social Care

                Feiliks Southwest Region together with Chongqing Feiliks trade union committee visited the Chongqing Children Welfare Institute to express their sincere solicitude before “International Children’s Day” (June 1) was coming.
                Feiliks donated 500,000 yuan to Tongren Hope Project.
                Feiliks participated in the donation and funding activity organized by Taicang Volunteer Organization.
                Feiliks and Kunshan Charity Federation signed a transport assistance agreement to provide services for public benefits.
                Feiliks and Kunshan Charity Federation set up the “Feiliks Benevolent Mind Charity Fund” and donated 500,000 yuan to the internal staff and the people in need.
                With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, with the help of professional advantages, Feiliks actively organized various transportation resources to fight the epidemic. Feiliks has overcome all difficulties and tried its best to deliver good to customers whether the mission is domestic transportation or overseas escort.

                Disaster Relief

                During the Yushu 4.14 earthquake in Qinghai, Feiliks donated 46,662 yuan and Feiliks employees 53,338 yuan.
                Feiliks donated 100,000 yuan for relief of the flood disaster in Taiwan on August 8.
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